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    Once the individual finally reaches his retirement stage after the successful completion of his career, he desires to live in a serene and peaceful environment. Hence, to fulfill this desire; many residential complexes have come up with the amenities and facilities specifically suited for elderly persons. And this is where SBP Group has created a differentiation by delivering the homes for a cause. Their project named City of Dreams is a fully integrated township that offers the ease of lifestyle living with all the support facilities like 24/7 ambulance service, facility management services, a special zone for elders, etc. Apart from that, this township offers lifestyle living flats in Mohali, which are built in accordance with the unrivaled features like a temple, Gurudwara, diagnostic center, environmental friendly and sustainable site planning.

    This township ensures a safe and sound environment for those retired individuals who prefer to invest their retirement funds and pension in a home where they can live a healthy and peaceful life.


    That said, when choosing the retirement home, make sure the residential societies are equipped with every possible facility, namely, healthcare centers, places of worship, parks, recreational facilities, meditation center, wellness centers like spa, club houses, departmental stores, reading room, etc.

    Perfect Location

    A good location is must for an ideal property meant for senior lifestyle living. So a location which is easily accessible to all necessary infrastructure whilst maintaining a good distance from the noise of traffic and city life is a key necessity for senior citizens. A property that offers a panoramic and majestic environment will work wonders for the overall well being of senior residents. The specific project or township should be self-sustaining so that the senior residents do not have to venture out to look for basic services.

    Set the Budget

    As the huge portion of your funds for your future home is going to be your hard-earned savings, you need to choose a residential project that exactly fits your budget requirements. Moreover, you should also consider other unforeseen expenses. Always look for multiple options before you zero in on a property that matches your needs.

    Put your Health & Safety First

    Health and physical insecurity are some critical issues that come along with aging. Therefore, choose the flats in Mohali that ensures complete security, especially a gated community with modern safety features like boom barriers, CCTV surveillance system, intercom and smart lock security system. To cater to your health needs, these townships should consist of all the special health care facilities for senior citizens, including 24×7 medical aid, a hospital in the close proximity and even a 24/7 ambulance facility.

    Maintenance costs

    Check and analyze the feasibility of the projects, so as to make yourself clear about the amenities being offered. Also, keep some cost factors in mind. These cost factors may include the cost of the dwelling unit, monthly maintenance charges, presence of healthcare facilities and other amenities available at the community site.

    Live an Active Social Life

    A retirement is a phase that brings along a sense of isolation at times. Go to a residential township that has an active social life, which allows you to mingle with like-minded people and engage in social activities. It would be best to choose the project that regularly organizes resident meets, events for various festivals, etc.

    Basic but the Most Important

    There should be easy access to some basic facilities like transport, railway stations, airport, and entertainment areas, if possible. The township should, ideally, be situated in a serene location, with optimum ventilation and sunlight and also be connected to all the main areas of the city.

    Being a retired or senior person, the property you choose should have open spaces, pollution-free environment and close to your friends and family. And the people usually like to retire in places, where they spent a lot of time or their children are settled. Thus, projects positioned on the outskirts of cities and towns have witnessed a high upsurge in its demand.

    To sum up this post quickly, factors that one should look for in a home meant for senior lifestyle living or retirement home consists of location, accessibility from the public transport systems, proximity to medical services and connectivity to the city.